Monday, March 28, 2011

Alive and Well

Two and a half years ago, people began to wonder about me.

I had a big idea. I was going to open a yarn shop and we had purchased a building in need of some serious loving care.

After I spent time talking with my hairdresser, who owns the building next to the Mitten, he, of course, spread the word to many of his curious customers. What was going on next door? What kind of business would it be? Another tea room, perhaps, maybe with Boston Cream Pie? This is what people really want, after all. The idea of a yarn shop had most of them shaking their newly coiffed heads in disbelief. After all, nobody knits anymore, do they???

I'd like to reassure all of them that people really do knit ...big time ...and it is not a dying art practiced only by aged women in rocking chairs. Our recent Friday night knitting groups will attest to this.

It included: two husbands, one child, young women in their 20's and 30's (who sometimes outnumber those over 50) and women who are there to visit with friends, share stories, give comfort and advice and simply care about each other.

Knitting and fibre arts are alive and growing,

...but Boston Cream Pie would have been nice, too!

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