Friday, April 1, 2011


It's vacation time. Houston - here we come!!!

It goes without saying that when you go on holiday to visit your son, he and his gal will be the highlight of the trip. But when I remembered that I had 2 straight hours of knitting time just to get to the airport, I was positively gleeful!

Packing clothes from two seasons ago was not that good a feeling, if you know what I mean ...but packing my entertainment was a whole nuther story. I would not be sitting idle my husband, who forgot to pack so much as a book for his own free time.

The packing was worth the effort. On the plane, I did whatever I felt like doing. I bounced between two knitting projects, planned a third, read some of Brave New Knits, listened to a knitting podcast and watched a downloaded Lucy Neatby DVD. Phew! My day couldn't have been better.

And the good times continued. We visited two of my son's favourite spots: The Chocolate Bar,"Where every hour is happy hour," and The Maple Leaf Pub, with 3 or 4 hockey games playing simultaneously (okay ...we could have skipped the hockey, for once). And the part that will really make me smile, when I go out this morning, my coat will be staying in the closet.

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  1. Sounds like your trip is off to a fabulous start! Isn't it funny that it seems like only knitters don't complain about travel time?!