Monday, March 14, 2011

Headed South

March Break is such fun!
No, not because we're heading south for some fun in the sun, but because we get to meet interesting, new people.

Meet Wanda Kerr who headed south from Wiarton. She's a rug hooker extraordinaire, dyer, and relatively new spinner.

It's obvious that she loves to inspire others.

She inspired me with the crazy batts she loves to create on her drum carder.

She throws in bits of silk, cut up yarn, chopped up fabric and her beautifully dyed fibres and gets a luscious, exciting, fluffy batt ready to run through her spinning wheel.

And she shares! Here's the batt that she gave me to play with. How lucky am I ???? I guess she noticed how much fun I was having as I watched the exciting colours and textures flow through my hands.

So nice to meet you, Wanda.

1 comment:

  1. Joan, Here is my report on the wonderful time we spent together!
    I can't thank you enough...I see a batt winging it's way to you soon with some icicle in it, I dyed some today and it took up wonderfully! Of course it is multicoloured!!