Friday, June 21, 2013

Fiona is everywhere!

I found these pretty mittens in Cascade's "60 More Quick Knits"
(for sportweight yarn).
Guess who designed them!
Yup! Another Fiona Ellis design.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fiona Ellis is coming to Little Red Mitten

Bonnie, by Fiona Ellis of her many designs.
Fiona has had designs in every issue of Twist Collective since its premiere issue
in the fall of 2008!
Join us on Friday evening (June 21, 2013) to see her trunk show of 'Twist' designs
...or call us about class availability this weekend.

Knit-in-Public Day 2013

Who wouldn't start blogging again after a day like this?
 Caught you, Connie  :)
 I wonder how many stitches were knitted or crocheted that day?
 A brave and experienced knitter: lace ...and conversation!
 The perfect buttons!


 Janice, a designer for Koigu, will speak about knitting and pain management in July, at The Mitten.
 What a beautiful way to stay warm in the shade!
 Another brave and experienced knitter who can talk and knit lace at the same time!
Knitting a few rows for our Ukrainian afghan project - thanks Reina!
Oh, I wish every day could be so special!