Monday, March 21, 2011

Continuing the Tradition

The "string revolution" changed history.
When mankind learned how to take fibres and make them strong by twisting and plying, civilization took a turn for the better. With string, we could tether animals, make nets to snare a meal, tie things together to make rafts or huts or tools, and, of course, weave fabric to warm and decorate our bodies. So important were these techniques, that the survival rate of babies and children improved once 'string skills' had been discovered.
Back to the present: learning how we can turn yarns and fibres into useful items
was the goal for our 3 mornings of fibre fun.

These important skills have been passed on for centuries, even millenia.
Such creativity is rewarding, challenging ...
and sometimes, full of surprises!!!

But with young minds, anything is possible and clever uses can be found.

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