Friday, March 4, 2011

What do you think???

Lately, I've been teased by one special employee about my colour choices.
She seems to think that I'm in a rut.

Here's my most recent sweater (Lamb's Pride), my current sweater (Zara Plus), socks (Tanis Blue Label) and a lovely new (Tanis) silk Ishbel in its infancy. Unfortunately, I forgot to include the leftover Nature Spun I'm swatching for a future project - it would have fit in very nicely here!

I'll keep telling JoLyn that I'm coordinating my wardrobe, but you know, I'm starting to crave some turquoise.


  1. Ah! NOT AT ALL! They all look lovely to me!!

    Whenever I'm knitting something that's NOT FUSCHIA/MAGENTA, I get asked "Who's THAT for? It's obviously NOT for YOU!"


  2. Isn't turquoise your second "go-to" colour?