Monday, August 12, 2013

My Summer of Squares

I am always curious about people who say they don't knit in the summer.  They cite the heat or gardening ...but don't they have air conditioning? do they stay sane? do they keep on top of their stash?
Okay, I admit that my knitting production may be down a bit this summer, but I think I've finally figured out why.
I need more auto pilot knitting!
I have MANY projects on the needles, but they all seem to be at a point where I need to think, plan, measure, or write down what I'm up to.  That just doesn't cut it when I'm distracted and rushing around.  Even my 3 pairs of socks are at that point.  What are the chances?!?!?
 This past week, I've been designing and knitting "spa cloths" ...or glorified dishcloths.(The name depends on whether you include a lovely bar of
lavender soap with the 'cloth', right?) 
I'm thrilled with how quickly they've knitted up and it's been lovely having something simple to occupy my hands. 
My late spring and early summer knitting was occupied with two renditions of
the Building Blocks Afghan by Michelle Hunter.
 Preparation for a new class tends to keep me on task, so I quickly finished my green afghan.  When it was done, I started the cream version ...just for fun.
 Since each block was small, portable and rewarding, it travelled with me on vacation. 
I kept two blocks on the go, so when the scenery distracted me,
I worked on the simpler one.
As our afghan class nears the end, I realize that most of us have kept up with our
1-2 blocks per week schedule.  Well done, knitters!

Conclusion: Squares Make Good Knitting.
What are you working on this summer?
ps. This class will run again on Saturday mornings this fall.