Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to spend a Saturday

In 5 short hours, these three happy ladies learned how to knit a top-down sock. We didn't have to worry about tiny needles and fine yarn - we just cast on with our 3.5 dpns and created these adorable, though slightly unwearable, mini-socks.

Normally, we offer a 6-hour sock class over 3 weeks, but today it was great fun to go from top to toe with no worries about completing the sock to a certain point for the next class. All questions were asked, answered and solved on the spot ...and no terrifying feats of heel turning had to be completed unsupervised.

With "Sock Science" in hand, they are well-prepared to complete their first pair of wonderful hand-knit socks. Welcome to the world of sock knitting, ladies!

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