Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Election Time

We hope you'll get out and vote on Monday. But if you aren't thrilled with your choices, maybe for the next election, we can put together our own party - The Knitting Party.

We'll teach everyone to knit, with no age, gender, race or religious discrimination ...because we are, of course, very liberal-minded.

Our choice of knitting patterns will be quite traditional. No knitted bikinis for us because we're just too conservative for that!

We'll promote the knitting of afghans as group projects so that we can work bloc by bloc.

Our stance on the environment will be green, of course: knit a sweater, hat and scarf and turn the heat down low!

We'll be big into charity knitting so that we can share with those less fortunate than ourselves. We might even put all of our New yarns into one giant stash to be shared Democratically amongst everyone. Oh wait ...that might lead to a proroguing of parliament.

With everybody focussed on working and knitting together, our country could be a warmer, "nicer" place. Hey, I really think that this giant coalition could work. Anybody want to throw their (knitted) hat into the ring?


  1. Joan, if you run I will vote for you!!!!

  2. Love it....and think we should really consider this next time....I'm in....

  3. Ooo! Ooo! Pick me!! What an awesome idea...but c'mon? No knitted bikinis?! It does eventually warm up significantly here in Ontario!!