Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They Fit!

Mr. Christie tried on his first pair of "Sunblocker Mitts" last Tuesday.

These are my husband's hands - didn't want to embarrass Mr. Christie with all of the

fame that might come from this blog! ;)

These mitts will keep the sun off of Mr. Christie's 93-year-old hands while he golfs and rides his bike around the neighbourhood.

33 years of battling skin cancer with protection such as this has lead to a long and full lifetime.

This Friday, he'll have some skin-toned mitts.

And someday soon, there will be a pattern available.

You'll have warm and protected hands, and freedom of movement, too.

All proceeds will be donated to either the Canadian Cancer Society or the clinic which has been treating this lovely man for decades.

For more info about Mr. Christie, please check out my blog dated April 29

...and please remember to use sunscreen this summer.

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