Monday, March 1, 2010

Believe in Success

"I believe" that the first step to success is imagining the road to success. Several times in the past 17 days, I watched our Olympic athletes visualize and mentally run through their event before competing. They were imagining their success ...and it worked.

Believe it or not, knitters go through a similar visualization process when planning a project just takes a little longer to go from start to finish!

At the starting gate, the first inspiration may be the yarn, it may be the pattern, or maybe it's simply the desire to knit and create. While "winning" is seldom the goal, I think most of us hope for success, appreciation and a chance to improve our knitting fitness.

Before the event, a knitter will run through all of the possibilities - colour, size, fibre, yarn weight, needle size, tension and her repertoire of knitting techniques. Visualizing the project takes imagination and creativity ...and sometimes advice from her knitting coach/friends. These preparations made at the starting gate will always affect the results at the finish line.

While training, planning and preparation are vital for each event, perhaps the real pleasure comes from the performance. The knitter enjoys each individual stitch and step of the project as she heads toward the end of her program. Her years of practice and experience help her handle the bumps and challenges that arise along the way.

As Olympians know, it takes time, training and commitment to reach a worthwhile goal. If we "believe" in a goal, we can achieve it.

Over 4000 knitters set their sights high to compete (against themselves) in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's 2010 Knitting Olympics. The following "Knitting Champion" medal was designed by Franklin Habit for The Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics:

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