Tuesday, March 16, 2010


About ten years ago, I took my first spinning class and was introduced to hand spindles. Since my goal was to move on up to a wheel, my spindle fell by the wayside. I'd get it out now and then, mostly to demonstrate the magic of early spinning techniques ...but sadly, I never really mastered this amazing tool.

And now it's just a few more days until our two hour spindling class with Janice Watterworth.
(Janice will be teaching 10 new handspindlers this Saturday. We are having her back again on April 17 because of high interest.) After listening to some of the wannabe spinners who've signed up for this class, I'm not sure if all of us can wait even that long!

In my enthusiasm, I read Abby Franquemont's super-inspiring new book, Respect the Spindle, and now I'm really geared up for this class. I've been practising more regularly and I can almost imagine myself "spindling in public" as nonchalantly and regularly as I "knit in public."

By the way, did you know that a handspindler can produce more in a week than with a spinning wheel because of the portability of this historic (10,000 to 20,000 years) tool? Sounds like good and efficient fun to me!!! And who can resist another excuse to dip their fingers in yummy fibres?

yummy, yummy merino

Happy Spindling!

Joan Janes
Little Red Mitten

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