Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knitting in the Media

If you happened to watch the recent CBS show, Sunday Morning, you just might have had a smile on your face. A nasty, nasty comment came back to haunt TV journalist Mo Rocca after he said that "Homemade sweaters are always itchy." This shocking comment came about while discussing current events ...and handmade sweaters for featherless chickens. Yup. I don't make this stuff up!

Knitters just could not let this remark go unanswered. Many wrote in to set him straight. Some Ravelers even knitted Mo a gorgeous cabled sweater ...which was not at all itchy!

Happily, Mo realized that he needed to learn more about knits, knitters and knitting. He took knitting lessons (from a ten-year-old) and had a chat with author and knitter, Debbie Stoller of the Stitch and Bitch books. Thanks to Stoller, he realized that, "knitting is not quite as easy as people who've never knit like to think."

Let's hope he's gained a whole new respect for knitters.

Here's the link for the segment (I hope it's available for awhile):

Other knitterly smiles in the media. (Sorry about the blurriness. But hey - I learned how to centre pictures this time :) Rhymes with Orange by Hilary B. Price 1/29
"Discipline Through Knitting: Order was again restored once Miriam instituted the family scarf."

Figure Knitting Class - Bizarro by Dan Piraro

Happy knitting,

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