Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Armchair Olympics

Our first year in business was one of the busiest and most interesting years of my life. I knitted like a fiend, knitting samples to demo yarns and making quick and easy items that newer knitters could see themselves doing. Knitting provided the relaxation and calm that I needed and gave me time to think. And it gave me time to sit with my feet up :)

It always seemed that the criteria for each project was simplicity. If I had a project that required focus, it inevitably ended up hibernating in a basket, bag or cupboard. And I was starting to doubt my knitting self.

And then along came the Knitting Olympics. Challenging myself to finish a lace shawl (that had been hibernating ...go figure!) was just what I needed. I set a goal, relied on my years of training and made a commitment to compete ...I mean, "complete". I admit that, officially, I may have had a false start: I had already knitted a few inches before the torch was lit ...way before the torch was lit. :)

Even though I didn't join any online knitting Olympics groups, the Olympic Spirit certainly did inspire me. I am happy to report that I won gold early in Week 2. The Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl from Victorian Lace Today reached the finish line well ahead of previous training runs.

And then I cast on for another wee bit o' lace.


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous Jean :-) Great job!

  2. Good for you, that's very pretty. Which yarn?

  3. Guess I should have checked the comments, Susan. Sorry for the delay. The yarn is "Merino Lace" by Ella Rae.