Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn, a Podcast and a Souvenir

"Some people bring home the darnedest things from their vacations," to quote a good friend :)

It seems that I brought home laryngitis. I know you'll have lots of sympathy when I tell you that I likely caught it from someone else with laryngitis a yarn shop Sweden. Oh yes. I can just tell how sympathetic you are feeling! Poor Joan. Someone made her go yarn shopping in Sweden. Yup! My life is tough.

But it hasn't been all that bad. I did manage to start and finish this little "Talbot Street" shawl (in one of Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity yarns) between Friday and Tuesday evening. That's gotta be a record for me!

While it is hard to believe that I kept focussed on one project from start to finish, I had a couple of secret weapons.

Secret weapon #1: The yarn felt delicious and scrumptious and I just couldn't wait to see the finished project.

Secret weapon #2: I discovered a great "new to me" spinning podcast ...and I bet I listened to it for 8 hours over two days of forced silence. Apparently, I can get a lot done this way.

So if you have an interest in spinning, check out the "Spindoctor" podcasts:

Sasha Torres, a very nice UWO prof (therefore, the doctor part) does reviews for handspinners that are informative, well-prepared and entertaining. Enjoy - and see how much more knitting you can accomplish!

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