Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Few More Fibre-Vacation Photos

Can't say much because I have a fine case of laryngitis ...but I can still blog :) And I'd love to share a few more fibre-related vacation pics.

When our ship landed in Helsingborg, Sweden, we were greeted by a musical troupe dressed in traditional costume. I wished I could get closer to this guy. Fabulous knitwear!

Inside an ancient church, we found traditional ripsmatta or rep weave table toppers.

At the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway, we saw what had been unearthed from a burial site. It is believed to have been the ship of a Viking princess from 800-900 AD. The princess would have needed these textile production tools
for the afterlife.

Looks like a nostepinne /nostepinde and the clay whorl for a spindle. It boggles the mind to realize that all fabric for the masts of Viking sailing ships was first spun on a drop spindle such as this.

...and a niddy noddy for winding skeins.

The squares in the centre of this photo are cards with a hole in each corner. These cards act as heddles when used for tablet /card weaving. The warp goes through the holes and when the cards are turned the weft yarn creates the design.

Here's a close-up of the carving on a Viking sailing ship. Cabling inspiration, anyone?

Some travellers found a Norwegian Heritage Museum with lots of clothing samples, but we weren't so lucky. Guess I'll have to go back someday! :)

And the sun sets on my vacation blog ...sometime around 10:30 south of Oslo. (This photo was taken around 11:15 pm.)

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