Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun Times

When work life and leisure time are devoted to knitting, what do you do for fun? Go on a knitting cruise, of course!

Matt and I had a great time visiting ports in Scandinavia. Before the cruise, we explored Amsterdam for a few days, then left the port of Rotterdam for Helsingborg, Sweden, sailed off to Copenhagen and Skagen, Denmark, and made our final stop in Oslo, Norway.

The knitting portion of our trip involved 13 hours of classes with Lily Chin (always fun, inspiring and informative), meeting interesting knitters and crocheters, sit 'n' knit times in the uber comfortable ship's library, and group trips to yarn shops. I didn't purchase much yarn since many are available at LRM, but I did manage to buy lots of pretty and unusual buttons. This Knopenwinkel shop in Amsterdam was full of charm:

These adorable "corkers" caught my eye while strolling the streets of Amsterdam. What a fun way to decorate windows that are constantly being passed by tourists. Because of picture quality, I can only share half of what was on display :(

Cute, eh?

Don't feel too bad for Matt. He had a special tour, too!
And a few delicious beer samplings en route:)

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