Monday, May 16, 2011

If learning something new is good for the brain ...why does my head hurt?!?!?!

I spent the weekend planning cable and lace classes and decided that I would use a charting-for-knitting program that I had played around with briefly. The learning curve was a bit steeper than I had thought, so there went a few hours.

You'd think that I would have learned to "save," considering all the time I've spent in "Word," but apparently not. I really believe that I did "save" ...but that the computer ate my homework. Since my "search" button refuses to work, I guess we'll never know. Yup! That was fun!

Realizing that, in "Word," copied charts just bounce around like bunny rabbits for no apparent reason, my husband introduced me to "Excel" ...once again. Then we hooked up to a larger monitor and he said that pdf's would be more user-friendly. That sounded nice. So, thank you, dear husband, for helping me out with that.

So from now on, I'll be able to point out things on a monitor and move them around with a mouse. That really does beat holding up a piece of paper with cardboard behind it. Gotta love technology.

So when you read cable or lace charts for the first time, you may be learning something new, and your head may hurt, and your eyes may cross ...but the technology really is worth the effort.

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