Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Neighbourhood Pics

Another gorgeous day, today. I just had to go out and snap a couple of pictures: Here's everyone's favourite elephant, Jumbo. After 25 years exposed to the elements, he's starting to show his age. Repairs should be finished in the summer, in time for the 125th anniversary of his sad demise in September, 1885.

This unusual plant, a fritillaria, comes up in the spring and lasts a week or more. I hope you'll try to check it out when you visit the shop. Look for it below the spruce trees near the back of the parking lot. And in other news, a new chip wagon opened today at the top of the hill called Jumbo Fries. We know the owners (a loyal customer) and their first employee ...and I am positive it will be a quality establishment! Be sure to give it a try!

And now for your knitting content:
Did you know that the term Luddite has a connection with knitting?
When large mills started taking away the livelihoods of knitters, spinners and weavers in the early 19th century, Ned Ludd headed a revolt against the mill owners. Since then, the term Ludditism has referred to a movement against the endless mechanization in our lives.
Be a revolutionary: just pick up some fibre and let the rhythm of your favourite 'hands-on' activity enrich your life.

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