Monday, May 3, 2010

Beauty on a Grey Day

Sunday was one of those almost rainy, damp days where the sun rarely peeks through the solid grey mass of cloud. But it was a beautiful day!

We took my mother-in-law for a drive to Port Stanley (10 minutes south of us on Lake Erie) and the scenery was spectacular. I'm not talking about the grey lake and the grey sky and the beige sand. I am talking about the lush greens and pinks in the quiet neighbourhoods that felt like they were a world apart from everyday life. People were working in their yards under the huge blossoms of magnolias spreading their branches for all to enjoy. And because I was knitting away on a sock in the back seat, not once did I think of taking a picture ....sigh

But I think that the pretty pink and purple scarf which I worked on that night will be called my Magnolia Memories scarf.

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