Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Organic Cotton Serendipity

Sometimes things just fall into place.

Because our Ecoknit Organic cotton wasn't exactly flying off the shelves and we had lots of other cottons, we lowered our price and cleared out all but one skein. I wound up that lonely ball and knitted a dishcloth with the thought that organic dishcloths would work well as gifts for my daughter and my son's girlfriend.

I thought I should try out the dishcloth before getting carried away with my little gift idea, so I used the first one yesterday. It has a totally different feel from the usual dishcloth cotton. It really feels luscious. Maybe I'll use it for a face cloth. Maybe I should have knitted a sweater out of it ...but a one ball sweater??

And then I opened up my Winter 2009/2010 Wild Fibers Magazine, (yes, I'm a bit behind with my reading) and read an article on naturally coloured organic cottons and the terrible effects of pesticides and certain dyes. www.vreseis.com/sally_fox_story.htm Reading about poor work conditions and practices offshore is always disconcerting. And then I wondered what I could do differently.

Well... rather than clear out slow moving yarn, I could reorder the Ecoknit cotton. I could promote Samp'a, the naturally dyed organic cotton that we still have. Is it worth the trouble? Of course! I like to think that we can make the world a better place ...a bit at a time.

Dishcloth pattern:
4.0 mm needle.
Cast on a multiple of 4 sts minus one: 31 for a small dishcloth, 39 or 43 for a more normal size.
Right side rows: Knit.
Wrong side rows: (K3, p1) across, ending with k3.

(Remember to always knit with unmercerized cotton for dishcloths. Mercerized (shiny) cotton is nowhere near as absorbent.)




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  1. Thank you, Joan...not only for the dishcloth pattern, but for making the world a better place--a bit at a time!