Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why does a yarn shop need a blog?

Welcome to Little Red Mitten's foray into the "blogosphere".
Having never blogged before and never been successful at keeping a diary, I'm hopeful that I've at last found a reason to succeed at this :)

At Little Red Mitten, we are always getting new and interesting things delivered which are then put directly on the shelves. When customers ask, "What's new?" it's always a challenge to know what they haven't seen yet.
1. And so we come to the first goal for this blog: we'll let you know when new products arrive and we'll tell you why you need them! :)
2. Knitting, teaching knitting and most fibre arts are my passions. When I come across interesting articles, tips, quotes, patterns or project ideas, I'll be sure to share them here.
3. If you want to keep up on events, groups, sales or projects at the Mitten, this is the place.
4. Our website ( ) generally changes only when there is a new newsletter and a new list of classes. My hope is that blogging will make the website more current and useful to you.

I expect the blog will start out pretty plain Jane (or is that Janes?) But with any luck ...and help from techie types, we'll soon be able to add pictures and excitement to this blog-reading experience.

Hoping to share more with you very soon.
Until then, happy knitting!
Joan (Janes)

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  1. If it means anything, I am not good at keeping a journal too, but blogging is more fun. And these are all great reasons to blog. Welcome to the blogosphere! - Nadine