Friday, June 1, 2012

May is for Einsteins

My Einstein is done ...well, except for adding buttons and weaving in ends :) 
Less than 2 weeks ago, I worked up a swatch, cast on for the lower section of Sally Melville's Einstein Coat, stuffed a ball of Lamb's Pride Bulky in my knitting bag, and went to the movies.  Thick wool and addi turbos made for an easy knit-in-the-dark project.  No split stitches and no ripping back when I got home - woohoo.  I was inspired.  I set a goal of one ball per day for 12 days.  It took 13 days, but I don't feel like a failure.  Instead, I feel like a genius, an Einstein, if you will!!! 

So now I've made a Baby Albert ...

and an Einstein Coat. 

Several people have remarked on having to do "all that garter stitch", but I've honestly loved every minute of it.  What's better than garter stitch to allow you to relax, and yet still focus on other important things in your life?  And bulky yarn works up sooooo quickly - it's practically instant gratification - not too common in the world of knitting! 
Sally Melville's book, The Knit Stitch, is a masterpiece of well-written patterns, wonderful technical photos and instructions, friendly advice and thoughtful insights on life and knitting.  I look forward to having her visit us at Little Red Mitten September 28-30.  She'll be teaching 4 classes and talking to us (on the Friday evening) on "Why Do We Do What We Do".  More information and registration for classes will be available soon.  Hope you can "make it".

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