Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me ...a techie?

I've had a cheap cell phone for a few years for driving ...just in case.  
Really, when I spend my day indoors, with access to a phone, do I really need to carry a cell?  

Well, when post it notes failed to remind me of an important meeting, my husband thought it was time that I organized my life with a calendar a smartphone.

Then I discovered that I could listen to podcasts in my car.  Even a short 10-minute drive gets me through some interesting entertainment.

Next, I heard about the GoodReader App, below:  

I can take a pdf and enlarge it on the screen, then outline my row with an easy-to-see red box.  When I finish my row, I place my finger on the red box and just slide it on up to the next row.  I can even write little reminders with my finger tip that help me knit without thinking ...which is a lifesaver, some days.

Now this is what I call fun!

And sometimes I even make phone calls.  Maybe you should call me sometime - I need to practice that feature :)

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