Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An answer to, "What can you do?"

You never know what shape you'll get back when you send a child home with needles, yarn and a few stitches.  :)   But apparently that's okay!

In our first hour of one-on-one knitting, 8-year-old Cassidy learned the knit stitch (and a few other fibrely diversions). When she returned a week later, she had a pretty blue garter stitch shape that somehow had tripled in width at one point.  We took turns adding rows while looking at the cover of Rebecca Danger's, The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

We were inspired!

Cassidy chose the colours and continued to make her monster body grow.  I got busy with ears, an eye, and two I-cord arms.  We gathered up the few stitches at the top and the bottom of the blue body and each worked a seam from opposite ends, stuffing it full of woolly goodness.  She made a twisted cord scarf while I hurriedly attached body parts.  (We had to work quickly because Cassidy had a birthday party right after knitting.  Oh, the life of an 8-year-old!)

While Mom and Dad were waiting, she found 2 matching pink buttons that would make beautiful eyes ...for Mom to sew on later.  Can't you just imagine them, one on the purple spot and one right beside it?

Knitting is fun ...but it's so more fun when you can make a child smile.

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