Sunday, September 11, 2011

Knitter's Fair 2011

Here's our Little Red Mitten booth at the K-W Knitter's Fair ...before the crowds arrived!

What a fun event!  So many knitters - young and old, female and male - we are a lively, friendly, varied and creative bunch.  I feel so lucky to be part of this great community of knitters.  This is exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up ...but didn't know it back then :)  

I had a chance to walk around the event before the day ended and saw lots to inspire me. 
I think that is what I love about knitting: there are so many variables. 
You can get totally different results just by changing the yarn ...or the needles ...or the edging, or the shaping ...and the list goes on.

And we live in a time where the choices are virtually endless.  We have multiple fibres and breeds and weights to choose from.  It really wasn't that long ago that knitters spun their own yarn, all from the same breed of sheep, often the same weight yarn and with a limited choice of colours.

Yesterday was a feast.
Today, I will try to digest what inspired me.

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