Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knittin' it up in the Motor City

This weekend, Matt and I went to my first ever NFL Football game in Detroit. (Don't snicker - football is great for knitters. There are so many breaks between plays that if you happen to miss something, there is always a replay ...or two ...or three.)

After walking to the stadium, we found out that backpacks and knitting bags weren't allowed, so we turned around, walked another 15 minutes in cold, windy Detroit, and reorganized our stuff. Thank goodness I had brought along a teeny tiny sock to knit because nothing else would have fit in my purse. I was now ready to withstand 3 hours of athletic bliss.

When you are sitting near the end of a row, have you ever noticed how often other spectators need to walk in front of you? Well, the first time, this happened, I politely stood up, holding my knitting and my purse up close to my body. I sat down to knit and noticed that my yarn wasn't on my lap anymore. It had dropped, the guy next to us had it wrapped around him ...and it had rolled down to the seats below us, totally out of sight. Egad! After passing my teeny tiny sock with its teeny tiny 4 inch needles back and forth a few times, tapping the shoulder of the fellow in front of us and twice figuring out which way it had to go around his chair leg (because the first time is never right) I safely stuffed the ball of yarn in my pocket and got back to knitting bliss.

In my defense, I did have one of these in my knitting bag when I arrived at the gates, but you know how well that turned out! Fifteen minutes before the end of the game, the teeny socks were done except for the toe ...because my pockets were tool-free.
For football fans only: The Detroit Lions (the local team for this area) were playing the Minnesota Vikings (our local team when we lived in South Dakota). Before the game, I had no idea who I'd cheer for, but while sitting among so many Lions fans, it became obvious which team it would be. And it was a good choice: Detroit won 20-13. That makes four games in a row for the Lions. After going winless, two seasons ago, this is a big deal!
Due to a concussion, we watched Brett Favre stand on the sidelines. This may have been the final game of his 20 years as quarterback - the end of an era! Unless, of course, he doesn't actually retire .... (Favre retired twice in the last two years and officially retired for the third time today.)

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  1. That was a CRAZY game! ...but my question is...what is that over the wrist yarn dangly holder thingy...and where do I get one? :-)