Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you rock?

How do you feel about the perception that we knitters are all "rocking chair grannies" with nothing better to do?

How do you react when you hear knitter-derogatory comments such as:

You're not old enough to knit.
My grandmother knits.
I don't have time to knit.
I don't have the patience to knit.
So you went to a knitting group. How old were they? You must have been the youngest one there. There were younger ones there - were they special?
Where's your rocking chair?

These comments get under my skin, so when Jolyn told me about a customer who is a helicopter pilot, we started listing the unusual or untraditional careers that our customers have enjoyed. In a matter of minutes, we added: a helicopter mechanic, an electrician, a dump truck driver, an artist, an advertising exec, an elementary school principal, numerous teachers and nurses, a doula, a doctor, a Bed & Breakfast operator, a couple of lab scientists, a college psychology prof, a chef, a fiction writer, a theatre director, a hairstylist, a police officer, a police dispatcher and several chaplains or ministers.

Sounds to me like we are a capable group who use knitting as a way to unwind from our challenging lives, to satisfy artistic and creative urges and aren't ones to waste time!

Let's end the stereotyping. Take your knitting out in public, speak up for yourself and show the world that knitters rock!

ps. Please post a comment and add your job or hobby to our "rockin' knitters" list.


  1. My father was a tax auditor for the Federal Government...the dreaded tax man... and a superb knitter.

  2. ...and yes it burns me when ignorant people make comments. "Oh, I can buy a sweater cheaper than that." Pathetic as if the end result was everything. They have no romance in their soul or magic in their fingers. So there.

  3. Small business owner/operator :-)

  4. I'm a rockin' Admin Assistant! And I'm the youngest of my 25 co-workers, and I'm the only knitter! :)

  5. I'm a knitting Music Librarian - and Music Librarians DO "rock!" [We (ahem) have a facebook group of that name!] I am 50+ and just purchased a small motorcycle...my 14-year-old nephew is HUGELY impressed by that action...and he's also pleased that he'll be getting a pair of mittens that FIT...for Christmas.