Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shedden Quilt Show

It was a beautiful weekend in Shedden, Ontario. The International Ploughing Match Quilt Competition brought 70 to 80 quilts, close to 400 quilt lovers and 6 vendors (Little Red Mitten was there) to inspire and be inspired.

Every chance I got, I wandered among the quilts. The colours, fabrics and designs were a pleasure to absorb. I knew that when I got home, I'd be pulling out my quilt books and magazines and planning a project in a different kind of fibre. Since I've been so-o-o focussed on knitting lately, this also meant digging out my fabrics from a storage area, rearranging work tables and ironing board and reaquainting myself with my sewing tools! I'm happy to say that I can still do it: I finished a simple block yesterday and have a new scrappy quilt project in mind.

As a yarn vendor at a quilt show, we were a bit curious about crafter crossover. As we suspected though, lots of quilters knit and lots of knitters quilt. It's prefectly normal to bounce between projects and artistic mediums!

We 'bouncy types' are in good company: there's Kaffe Fassett, a "colour visionary" and artist who knitted and needlepointed for years before adding quilt and fabric design to his life; and yesterday, I read about Ann Feitelson, author of The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, who won a prize for one of her quilt designs.

Fibre is fibre is fiber. When you love it, you've got to play with it. And we're all perfectly normal spite of what our families might think!

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